Paradice, A Family Story:

Paradiceā„¢ began in our family’s kitchen. Our 16 year old daughter had been using a variety of gel packs to treat a sports injury when she switched to using bags of frozen peas. She complained the gel packs were too stiff and the peas conformed better to the indentation of her knees. However, the vegetables were messy and expensive to replace after a single use. We thought there must be a better way to cool an injury.

As entrepreneurs and parents, we encourage our kids to dream up solutions to challenges and to then, take action. We saw Paradice as an opportunity to teach our children about developing an idea that we all believed in and taking that idea to market.

We experimented with different materials for the icepack’s shell and interior. We wanted the material that would be non-shocking to the skin. It had to be able to be used on sensitive skin, yet be durable and provide years of use. Standard ice packs require a towel as a barrier to prevent frostbite. We wanted a convenient, all in one bag that could be simply taken from the freezer and applied to the injury. Our icepack’s shell is a soft, comfortable fabric.

Since it’s inception, Paradice has been used by 3 pro teams in the New York metropolitan area (baseball, football and hockey); it has been used by grandparents, professionals at the office, children in school, nursing mothers, at the yoga studio, a variety of doctors and a whole lot of families we know.